How to win the Super Bowl “Squares” game

If you’re attending a Super Bowl party this weekend, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to participate in a “Squares” game…that’s where you pay to get a square on a board.  It comes with two numbers.  If those numbers are the last digits of the teams’ final scores, you win the pot.  For instance, if the final score is 14-7, and you have the square with the “4” and the “7”, you’re the winner.

Well…a new study looked at the best numbers to get, based on the last 10 Super Bowl outcomes.  They are…in order…0 -7-4-3-1-6-8-5-9 and 2.

You can thank me later.  Better still…you can cut me in on the winnings.

Not that I am in any way, shape or form suggesting that you should bet money on the game….oh no.