Farmer Knits Broncos Sweaters for 150 Baby Goats

 Rebecca Herberg runs a 400-acre goat farm in Montrose, Colorado, and says she has been busy in the days leading up to the Super Bowl knitting Denver Broncos sweaters for 150 baby goats expected to be born on the farm during the coming spring. Herberg explains, “When [the goats] are born typically they weigh eight, nine pounds; and they’re cold, it’s April. The first go-around uses [the sweaters] for a couple of weeks, we wash them, we put them on the next round.” She says the female goats will get orange sweaters, and the males will get blue ones. Herberg adds, “They look like a bunch of little Broncos fans running around down there.” The Broncos will face the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.  Full Story and Pix HERE