We’re going to need a lot of blue cheese and ranch dip.

With just days to go with one of the biggest snacking days of the year, Sunday’s Super Bowl, the non-profit trade group the National Chicken Council is literally counting our chickens — noting that Americans will consume as many as 1.3 billion chicken wings this year.

To put this number in perspective, 1.3 billion wings is enough to stretch from the Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina to the Broncos’ Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver almost 53 times.

1.3 billion wings is also enough for every person in the U.S. to have four wings each, and enough to put 600 wings on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums.

“Any way you measure it, that’s a lot of freaking wings,” plainly noted Tom Super, the National Chicken Council’s senior vice president of communications.

Incidentally, this year’s figure best last year’s total of 1.25 billion.