The Super Bowl is Killing You

You might think double dipping a chip at a Super Bowl party this weekend is a victimless crime.  Really, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

HERE’S the worst thing that can happen.  DEATH.  Lots and lots of death.

A study at Tulane University in New Orleans analyzed flu data from the past 35 years, and found an interesting connection to the Super Bowl. If a city’s team is in the Super Bowl, their DEATH RATE from the flu jumps.  People over 65 in that city are 18% more likely to die and that’s not a coincidence.

The researchers say it’s because people are more likely to attend big Super Bowl parties with people they don’t know and whose germs they aren’t used to. As they all get really into the game, they start double dipping chips, shouting, and coughing…and that spreads germs.  And since older people are the most susceptible to dying from the flu, that’s really bad news for them.