Jerry Valeri, Batman, and Mickey Mouse Thank You For Your Support

What Do Jerry Valeri, Batman, and Mickey Mouse Have in Common? People voted for them all in the 2015 local elections. The Write-in results for the 2015 local elections are finally in and I’d like to thank all of my supporters who went out and voted for me. I received 8 votes (with several misspellings) over 4 different races. Also receiving votes: “Mickey Mouse”, “A Scanner Printer”, “A Ninja”, “Anyone Else”, “Batman”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Santa”, and “Jesus”.
Next time let’s all focus on one race and really give me a shot at a victory…also, STOP voting me in for coroner. That’s a super creepy job and I do NOT want it.
Thanks again,
Jerry Valeri, Jerry Valerie, and Jerry Volare