What Your Degree Says About Your Personality

Researchers in Denmark analyzed the personality tests of 13,000 college students, and compared them to the type of degrees they were getting.  Here are five types of degrees, and what they supposedly say about your personality.

  1. An arts and humanities degree. It means you’re creative . . . open to new ideas . . . somewhat outgoing . . . not very organized . . . and you’re more likely to have anxiety and be irritable.
  1. A degree in economics. You’re probably very outgoing, but not as creative, curious, or open to new ideas as someone with an arts and humanities degree.
  1. A science degree. You’re probably more curious than most people are.  And apparently the idea that science nerds are all shy and introverted isn’t true.  You’re actually more likely to be an EXTROVERT if you have a science degree.
  1. An engineering degree. You’re probably not the most adventurous person, and you also might struggle with abstract thinking.  But you’re better at concrete thinking than most people.
  1. A law degree. You’re similar to someone with an economics degree.  You’re an extrovert and probably enjoy social situations.  But you’re not as curious or creative as someone with a degree in science or the arts.
  1. A business degree. You’re more emotionally stable, but also more likely to be competitive, and maybe even manipulative at times.