Punxsy Phil Does NOT See His Shadow

Gobbler’s Knob was packed this morning, as tons of dummies in Groundhog hats were awaiting the emergence Punxsutawney Phil. After a tap of a cane on Phil’s tree-trunk cage, his door was opened, and the animal emerged.

His creepy handlers then placed him on top of the trunk, and he attempted to escape before his being contained and forced to predict the weather. After speaking “Groundhogese”, the one fat guy in a top hat proclaimed, “There is no shadow to be cast! An early spring is my forecast!”…YEP, he rhymed CAST WITH CAST which will undoubtedly set white rappers back generations.

He added, “Take your jackets off, you’re not going to need them!”

So there it is…HUMAN Meterologists have been so bad at predicting the weather that we now count on rodents. Spring is coming. Enjoy!