Why you need to renew your passport now.

If you’ve been putting off renewing your passport you’ll want to do it soon. The State Department says its expecting a huge amount of renewal requests due to millions of passports set to expire. Ten years ago, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was a law passed requiring U.S. citizens to have a passport in order to travel to all countries, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Soon the passports applied for at that time of the law being passed will no longer be valid. The State Department is trying to avoid the same backlog it experienced while trying to process all the passports a decade ago. Additionally, travelers with state driver’s licenses that do not meet REAL ID requirements are contributing to an increase in passport applications. Beth Finan, a press officer for the Bureau of Consular Affairs tells USA Today, “Right now, it will take roughly six weeks for a passport renewal, which is two weeks longer than the process took last year. You can also request an expedited passport, which will take three weeks to process and cost an extra $60 on top of the $110 renewal fee.” (Fox News)