The Weirdest Super Bowl Prop Bets

As usual, there are all kinds of stupid Super Bowl “prop bets” out there, which let you bet on all the nonsense that surrounds the game.  Here are the lines on 15 unusual bets you can make at one online site.

1.  Odds there’s another Microsoft tablet malfunction like there was at the Broncos previous game against the Patriots:  9-to-1

2.  The Super Bowl is being held in the Bay Area, and the odds that there’s an earthquake in San Francisco during the game of at least 2.0 magnitude within 50 miles of the stadium:  56-to-1

3.  Odds the power goes out in the stadium like it did during Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans three years ago:  20-to-1.

4.  Over-under on the number of times the phrase ‘greatest of all-time’ is said during the broadcast:  3.5

5.  Over-under on the length of the broadcast:  4 hours 6 minutes

6.  Odds there’s a halftime show sound malfunction:  12-to-1

7.  Odds there’s a halftime show wardrobe malfunction:  25-to-1

8.  Odds someone catches on FIRE during the halftime show:  150-to-1

9.  Over-under on the number of guest performers during the halftime show:  5.5

10.  Odds Coldplay gets booed during the halftime show:  6-to-1

11.  Odds someone falls off the stage during the halftime show:  14-to-1

12.  Odds on which brand will win best commercial, as decided by “USA Today’s” ad meter:

. . . Budweiser / Bud Light:  5-to-2

. . . Shock Top Beer:  4-to-1

. . . Doritos:  5-to-1

. . . Mini Cooper:  7-to-1

. . . LG Electronics:  8-to-1

13.  Odds Peyton Manning is fined or suspended by the NFL for HGH use . . . before Super Bowl 50:  50-to-1 . . . or at any point in time:  5-to-1.

14.  Odds the HGH allegations somehow keep Manning out of Super Bowl 50:  15-to-1.

15.  Odds on what color Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach:

. . . Yellow:  7-to-3

. . . Orange:  3-to-1

. . . Clear (or Water):  4-to-1

. . . Red: 17-to-3

. . . Blue: 12-to-1.