Things That Irritate Kanye West


Kanye West got testy with paparazzi at LAX because they asked him about his Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. So we can add those two to this list of Things that Irritate Kanye West.

  • His feud with Wiz Khalifa will never be as fascinating as Trump’s with Megyn Kelly.
  • North would rather listen to Kidz Bop than “Black Skinhead”.
  • His new album’s out in two weeks and it still hasn’t been declared a national holiday.
  • People who say how funny he is with Kevin Hart in those “Ride Along” movies.
  • His own singing voice before he adds the Auto-Tune.
  • Buying the most expensive living room furniture in the world . . . just to watch Kim put ass-divots in all the cushions.
  • Baby names that don’t give his kids a crushing sense of entitlement.
  • The idea that at any given time, someone other than him may be winning an award.
  • When people interrupt him in the middle of him interrupting someone else.
  • Donald Trump has supplanted Kim’s rear as the most popular ass in America.
  • Knowing deep down that his wife is really only famous because of O.J. Simpson and Ray J.
  • People who misspell the word “Jesus” without the “y” and the “z.”
  • Humility, modesty, restraint, and humbleness.