Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairing

I’m pretty sure the correct drink to pair with Girl Scout Cookies is milk, but what do I know?  A website just put together a guide of what WINES you should pair with the 12 different types of Girl Scout Cookies, now that they’re on sale again.

One quick warning:  The pairing list is pretty intense . . . they didn’t just pick generic wines you probably have around the house, they got specific and obscure.

Like, they recommend pairing Thin Mints with a good Brunello, Samoas with an aged Rioja, Trefoils with a German Reisling (RELAX is my favorite of these) and Tagalongs with an Amarone.  You can check out the full, intimidating list at

If this is a little too much for you then you can do what I do when eating cookies. Eat the entire box and then have some beer.