Most Popular Comfort Foods

When’s the best time to have pizza?  According to a new survey, there’s never a bad time.  The survey found it’s our favorite “comfort food” . . . one of the top five foods we want when we’re SICK . . . and one of the top five foods we want at a party.  Here are the top five comfort foods . . .

  1. Pizza, which got more than twice as many votes compared to any other food.
  1. Chocolate.
  1. Ice cream.
  1. Macaroni and cheese.
  1. Chips. The rest of the top 10 are burgers, steak, popcorn, pasta, and Mexican food.

The survey also found men and women eat comfort foods for totally different reasons.  Women are most likely to do it when they’re stressed out.  Men are most likely to do it after they’ve had a really GOOD day.  Soup was the number one food people said they want when they’re sick, followed by ice cream.  Pizza and toast tied for third.  And when we’re celebrating a special occasion, we want steak more than anything else.  Cake was the second most popular answer, then, you guessed it:  pizza.