Would You Go to Jail for Your Dog?

I rarely take the side of criminals . . . but I stand with this guy and I DARE anyone to say that’s wrong.

58-year-old Wendell Joyner of Cocoa, Florida was sleeping last week when his house caught on fire.  He ran out and escaped . . . but his three DOGS were inside.  He tried to go back to save them, but there was too much smoke. Then the cops told him to stay back and let the firefighters handle it but he was afraid they weren’t really focused on saving the dogs.  So he grabbed a firefighter’s AXE and threw it at the front window. Before he could jump through to get his dogs, the cops tackled him.  And he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Thankfully, the firefighters DID get the dogs out safely and they’re all okay. I’d go to jail ALL DAY LONG FOR MY DOG! Would you?