Signs You Have A Bad Financial Advisor

January 22, 2016

The stock market outlook for 2016 looking pretty bleak, so it’s important to make good decisions with your money.  You might consider getting help from a professional, but it’s important to choose the right one.  Here are some red flags:

  • When you question something he says, “Don’t worry . . . When Martin O’Malley is president, it’ll all make sense.”
  • You ask about a 401k and he says he doesn’t know any of those “Star Wars” robots.
  • You’ve saved a ton of money under his guidance . . . by not paying taxes.
  • You ask him if he’s seen “The Big Short”, and he says, “Yeah, but I didn’t really get it.”
  • He has to cut your appointment short to go do community service.
  • He blames this stock market plunge on gravity.
  • He works for Morgan Stanley’s brother, Paul.
  • He gives you his pager number.