NFL’s First Female Coach and the Backlash by Men

Most people know that I am a Bills fan. For some people, that’s the only thing they know about me. So when the news came out yesterday that Kathryn Smith was hired as a special teams quality control coach by the Buffalo Bills, (making her the first full time female coach in the NFL) rest assured I heard about it from all my friends and family.

Over the past 48 hours no one has asked my opinion on the matter, but many of my friends have offered up theirs about the first woman coach being hired in the NFL. I was appalled by what some of them said. The level of reactionary hate levied against a woman they don’t know makes no sense to me.

For my part, I simply don’t have the interest in caring about her gender. I’m not saying that I don’t care about equal treatment of women, because I do. The fact remains that NFL is a results driven business.

Let me pose you this question. The Bills have gone 16 years without making the playoffs, do you REALLY think that an assistant quality control coach (the person who cuts up film) is going to change ANYTHING about their fortune?

What I do take offense to is that somehow being a woman matters. I understand the historical significance and that’s great, but her gender has no bearing on her competence. Only her knowledge, work habits and intelligence will affect her competence.

Maybe it was my fault for going on Twitter, or engaging in these conversations, but I’m really disappointed today. I guess I am ignorant to the misogyny that still exists in our culture. I know I’m not perfect, but to be blatantly hateful about this is┬ásad.