Welcome to Dumpsville, Population You

Reddit posted a list where people gave the most ridiculous reasons they’d heard for someone getting dumped.  Here are the best ones.

  1. A woman dumped a guy because he used too many hashtags on Instagram.
  1. A guy dumped a girl because her jaw clicked when they made out.
  1. A woman broke up with a guy after she saw his childhood photos, and thought he looked weird when he was 12.
  1. A guy stopped dating a woman after he saw her eating peas one at a time.
  1. A guy bragged about going to the gym a lot, but couldn’t lift his girlfriend up, so she broke up with him.
  1. A guy dumped a girl after his dad reminded him that all women POOP. (???)
  1. A guy found out his girlfriend’s glasses didn’t have a prescription in them.
  1. It was right before Valentine’s Day, and the guy didn’t want to go through the trouble of buying something.
  1. The girlfriend’s dad was terminally ill, and the guy didn’t want to feel obligated to go to his FUNERAL.

10.  And finally, quote, “His name didn’t match his face.”