Brownie Points

Some things I think I think….

Yes, the Steelers lost…but you know what?  I’m not nearly as bummed as I thought I’d be.  I guess going into the game feeling like they had very little chance of winning had something to do with it, but I also am very proud of the way the team played.  Ben was playing hurt, Antonio Brown was out, they were using guys at running back who should have been on their practice squad (and practice squad running backs tend to fumble and not hit the correct holes or make the correct decisions), but they still hung in there….and the defense played well until that final, killer drive.  So all in all…I’m cool with it.


Does anyone know what that sound was during the game?  It came in the second half, immediately following the introduction of a bunch of kids.  The PA announcement ended and then it sounded like someone farted.  I’d love to know what happened.  Feel free to enlighten me.


Overall, this playoff series has been incredible.  The Hail-Marys, the near come-backs, the Steeler/Bengal debacle…have you ever seen so much wildness packed into a couple of weekends?  Let me know what your favorite unbelievable moments have been in NFL playoff history.


Oh yeah…if you get a chance, watch the First Super Bowl broadcast on the NFL network…pretty cool stuff.