Best and Worst Diets

“U.S. News & World Report” recently released its annual list of the best and worst diets.  It’s based on their success rate, how healthy they are, and how easy they are to follow.

And for the sixth year in a row, the best one overall is the DASH Diet, which is mostly about eating fruits, vegetables, and grains . . . cutting down on salt . . . and avoiding red meat.  Now here are five diets you might want to AVOID, because they came in last . ..

  1. The “Whole 30” Diet. It’s a one month plan that’s low carb and high protein.  But it’s hard to stay on it, because you have to give up grains, dairy, sugar, and booze.  Which is one reason it took last place.
  1. The Paleo Diet, where you basically just eat meat and vegetables. It’s the second-worst one, partly because it’s so expensive.
  1. The Dukan Diet, which also involves eating lots of protein. There are a lot of rules to follow, and it’s also pretty expensive.
  1. The Raw Food Diet. You’ll definitely lose weight on it, but there are a lot of rules . . . the food doesn’t always taste great . . . and preparing it can take a while.
  1. The Atkins Diet, which is about limiting carbs. A lot of people have lost weight on it, but it’s just not very healthy, according to experts.