Screwing up a Job Interview

If you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolution to get a new job, hopefully you’ll have an interview lined up soon.  Consider this your refresher course on how not to blow it.

A new survey from CareerBuilder asked hiring managers to name the biggest ways that someone can sink a job interview.  Here’s the top 10 . . .

  1. Lying about something, 69%.
  1. Answering your phone or texting during the interview, 68%.
  1. Not making eye contact, 67%.
  1. Acting arrogant or entitled, 60%.
  1. Dressing inappropriately, 50%.
  1. Swearing, 50%.
  1. Not smiling, 39%.
  1. Playing with something on the table, 33%.
  1. Having bad posture, 30%.
  1. Fidgeting too much in your seat, 30%.