What Would You Do For a Billion Dollars?

So you didn’t win the Powerball.  What if I offered you a shot at a billion dollars another way?  All you have to do is MURDER someone.  You in?

According to a new survey, 9% of people say . . . yes, they’d murder someone for $1 billion.  And men are more than twice as likely as women to take the deal.  Here are some other AWFUL things we’d be willing to do if the price was right.

1.  For $1 billion . . . 10% of people would commit arson, treason, armed robbery, mug someone, or help someone KILL themself.  And 22% would pose nude for a magazine.

2.  For $100 million . . . 25% of people would lie to the police, or sell their sperm or eggs without telling their significant other.  15% would fake their own death.  And 10% would kick a puppy, take steroids, or beat up a stranger.

3.  For $1 million . . . 10% would commit credit card fraud, punch a stranger in the face, smuggle drugs across the border, or star in a PORNO.

4.  For $100,000 . . . 10% of people would enter into a fake marriage, cheat on their taxes, steal someone’s purse, or perform a SEX ACT on a stranger.

5.  And for $10,000 . . . 20% of people would steal a street sign or FLASH a stranger.