It’s Official: St. Louis is Losing the Rams

Yesterday, Los Angeles had zero NFL teams.  And today, they have one, and maybe TWO.  The NFL owners voted 30-2 to allow the St. Louis Rams to move back to L.A. next season.

Not only that, but the San Diego Chargers have the option to join them.  They haven’t decided what they’re doing yet . . . but if they pass on the move to L.A., then the Oakland Raiders would be invited to take their place.

L.A. had two teams back in the ’80s, but the Raiders and the Rams both left after the 1994 season.  The city is building a $2 billion stadium complex for the teams to share, but it isn’t going to be ready until 2019.

So in the meantime, the Rams and maybe the Chargers will be at a temporary facility . . . probably the Los Angeles Coliseum, where USC plays.