If You’re Sick…STAY HOME

If you’ve got a cold or even a mild case of the flu, you’ll probably try to go to work.  It’s the American work ethic:  No days off, ever.  69% of us don’t take sick days.

But here’s the truth:  Your coworkers WANT you gone…even if it means they have to do more work to cover for you.

Check out these results of a new survey.

1.  63% of people say it’s unprofessional to go to work with a cold.

2.  62% say they’d feel more guilty about getting a coworker sick than taking a day off.

3.  And 70% would tell a sick coworker to go home . . . if they could do it anonymously.

On the bright side, the days of people sucking it up and going into work sick could be coming to an end . . . thanks to good ol’ millennials and their “I don’t feel guilty about taking days off, you’re lucky to have a genius like me working for you at all” attitude.

90% of people under 34 say they’d take a sick day if they weren’t feeling well.