The Story of Bobby

The Powerball drawing on Wednesday is going to be worth at least $1.3 billion, that’s the all-time world record. If you win and take the lump sum, you’ll get around $806 million, which will be approximately $400 million after taxes.

All that money and I still meet people who “won’t waste their money”. I know the odds of winning are one in 292.2 million, and I am not going to win, but let me share a story with you before you decide whether or not to buy a ticket.

My father had a friend named “Bobby”. Before I was born Bobby won the lottery for 1 million dollars. I have known this man my whole life and I have never known him to “have to go to work” or ever have to answer to anybody. Bobby always drove a nice car, was always smiling and was at the racetrack my father worked at betting and having a great time. Remember, he only won one million dollars. If you win Wednesday, you could theoretically lose a million dollars in the couch cushions and never notice. For a chance at that kind of freedom, I’m ok with throwing away two bucks.

Here’s a great gift idea, especially if you think it’s a waste of money. Buy someone else a lottery ticket for Wednesday. It costs you almost nothing, gives them a smile and some hope and maybe 1.3 billion dollars. Maybe.