47, 2, 63, 62, 11 ; PB – 17 (Spoiler Alert: NOBODY WON)


After just a little bit of hype, the Wednesday nigh Powerball jackpot shot from $400 Million to $526 Million in just 24 hours. What in the world do you think it’s going to do now? NOBODY…I repeat…NOBODY hit all of the Powerball numbers last night which will roll everything over to Saturday night’s drawing where experts predict a $675 Million dollar jackpot which would be the largest in U.S. History.

Last night’s payout would have been close to $300 million before taxes and that sack of cash just continues to grow. I’ll be surprised if we don’t get over the $700 Million dollar mark with all the publicity surrounding this drawing. I’m not one for playing the lottery, but this is hard to ignore. $700 Million dollars is more than “Life Changing” …it’s more like “Orbit the Earth in a Spaceship” type money. I’ll be buying my ticket today. Good luck