A Mother’s Kiss Will Not Heal a Boo-Boo

A team of scientists from Ottawa, Canada just published the results of a study on whether mommy’s kisses really make their children’s boo-boos feel better.   The official tile of the study is, quote, “Maternal kisses are not effective in alleviating minor childhood injuries (boo-boos).”  It’s in something called the “Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice”. (I wonder when these scientists were getting their PhDs, if they thought one day they’d finally get published in a prestigious journal that repeatedly uses the word “boo-boos.”)

Anyway, they found that, no . . . a mom’s kisses don’t actually make minor injuries feel any better.  In fact, they might make it WORSE.   The study found that toddlers whose mothers tried to kiss their injuries to make them better had WORSE reactions to pain than toddlers who didn’t have anyone help.  So now you know:  Your kisses don’t help . . . and might even hurt.  It seems like they’re in on the joke though.  Because they call themselves the Working Group on The Study of Maternal and Child Kissing . . . SMACK.  Get it?