You’re More Likely To Order Dessert If Your Server Is Overweight

Just in case you haven’t already broken your resolution to drop a few pounds in 2015, we’ve got some new research that may help you.  Researchers from Cornell University and the University of Jena in Germany observed the interactions between nearly 500 diners and their servers in 60 different full-service restaurants. They then estimated the Body Mass Index (BMI) of each server and diner using a special chart. The data showed that diners were four times as likely to order desserts when their server had a high BMI, and they also ordered about 18 percent more alcoholic drinks. Researchers note, “Diners may order and eat more food and beverages in the presence of a heavy person because a heavy person sets a social norm.” In order to lessen the effect your server has on you, the scientists suggest you set rules for yourself, such as, “Don’t eat dessert with lunch,” or “Don’t order alcoholic beverages on weekdays.”  Full story HERE.