Colombians are mad at Steve Harvey

A couple weeks ago, STEVE HARVEY made a HUGE mistake while hosting the Miss Universe pageant.  He announced Miss Colombia as the winner, but then had to take it back, because the real winner was Miss Philippines.

Well apparently, Colombia is still upset about it . . . because during a New Year’s Eve celebration, some locals burned a dummy of Steve.  And another one of the actual winner, Miss Philippines.

The burning of effigies in Latin America is done to try to ward off bad luck in the coming year.  So it’s a pretty common thing to do, although it’s amusing that they were so affected by the Miss Universe debacle to make one of Steve.

In fact, one of the men involved apologized to anyone who was offended . . . and said that the tradition is to burn dolls of, quote, “characters or things that cause controversy” in the previous year to “begin a new year.”