If you wake up with your stomach grumbling in the middle of the night you should really just wait until breakfast. Researchers from the University of California wanted to see what midnight snacks do to the body, so they looked at mice. Mice are nocturnal, so they normally eat at night. The scientists put the mice in a new context, and then gave them a mild shock. When the mice were put back in the same place the next day, those who had eaten at night (normal time) showed a fear response, indicating they remembered the shock. Those who had eaten during the day were less likely to react. The researchers say this could be because the mice who ate during the day had reduced levels of a protein that the brain needs in order to form memories. Study leader Dawn Loh says, “We have provided the first evidence that taking regular meals at the wrong time of day has far-reaching effects for learning and memory.” It’s stressed that the findings have not been confirmed in humans, but still, the experts warn that they could be important for those who work overnight hours. ¬†Full Story HERE