Nic Cage and the T-Rex

Back in 2007, Nicolas Cage, star of the “National Treasure” movies, bought a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull from a Beverly Hills gallery for $276,000, reportedly outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio in the process. But Mongolia – where the skull came from – says it was stolen, and last week a U.S. attorney in Manhattan filed a civil forfeiture complaint to take possession of the Tyrannosaurus skull and have it sent back to Mongolia. Cage is not accused of any wrongdoing and has voluntarily agreed to turn the skull over, authorities said. A publicist for Cage said he was contacted in 2014 by U.S. authorities when the Department of Homeland Security realized the skull may have been stolen.
Back when he was rolling, Cage bought 15 homes including an $8 million dollar castle in England. Most of the locations made sense: Malibu, the Bahamas, and Bel Air, but Nicolas also bought a home in Rhode Island. Oh, and I almost forgot the second castle in Bavaria. Then there was the island, the 30 million dollar jet, the 4 yachts and the exotic cars and … oh yes … the 30 motorcycles.

The T Rex head for 276 grand was one of his more sensible buys.