You Might Be One of the 21% This Holiday Season

Christmas is 11 days away. Which means you have 10 days until you REALLY have to worry about buying people presents (11 days if you’re cool with buying your family stuff from a gas station… or want to spend the money for INSTANT shipping).

A new survey found 30% of people haven’t started their shopping yet,¬†and won’t get on it until next week.

They’re the extreme case, but only 9% of people have never bought ANY last minute gifts. Here are the top five reasons why we’ve procrastinated . . .

1. 44% weren’t sure what to get the person.

2. 30% got busy and ran out of time.

3. 21% wanted to see how much money they’d have left.

4. 21% got a gift from the person and weren’t expecting it, so they had to scramble to buy one in return.

5. And 21% forgot.

(via PR Newswire)