Be a Backup Singer with FOGHAT

It used to be that when a musician or band couldn’t afford to do another album, they didn’t.  And in 99% of cases, that was probably for the best.

Now, a band will just set up a crowdfunding campaign . . . and rack their brains trying to come up with creative “awards” to offer, which are enticing, but don’t come across as TOO desperate.

FOGHAT is the latest band to do it.  They have a PledgeMusic campaign set up to raise money for “Under the Influence” . . . their first album in five years.

And they’re offering a perk that might be IMPOSSIBLE for fans to resist:  If you part with a mere $300, you can sing back-up on a new version of “Slow Ride”!!!  But last we checked there were only 25 spots left.

The one drawback is that you don’t get to jam in the studio with the guys.  You just send them a recording of yourself singing “slow ride, take it easy,” and then they’re going to blend it into a group chorus.

Other awards include joining them onstage,  private concert, and having drummer Roger Earl cook for you, or read your children a bedtime story.