The BEST and WORST Products to Buy on Black Friday just analyzed Black Friday deals at a bunch of different stores to figure out which products have the biggest average discounts this week . . . and which products are selling for basically full price.

And the BEST things to buy on Black Friday are books, music, and movies . . . they have an average discount of 28%.  Toys and video games came in second, at 22% off.

The WORST discounts on Black Friday are on jewelry . . . jewelry’s only an average of 4% off.¬† Furniture has the second-worst average discount, at 8%.

Also, be careful before you buy something . . . the study also found that plenty of stores will try to take advantage of your urge to shop by marking things UP on Black Friday.

17.2% of stuff is advertised at prices that are HIGHER than the price on Amazon right now.