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Instagram is Coming for YouTube

Instagram is taking aim at YouTube, hoping to attract some of its users by expanding its video service. The expansion announced yesterday (June 20th) is called IGTV, and will increase Instagram’s video time limit from one minute to 10 minutes for most users. However, accounts that have large audiences will be able to have videos…


Five Signs the “Spark” Is Gone, and Five Ways to Get It Back

How long does it take for the “spark” in a relationship to fade? It obviously depends on the couple. But a recent survey asked 2,000 people, and the average answer was 5 years and 2 months in. So if you just celebrated your fifth anniversary in April, DON’T GET LAZY. The survey also asked people…


Scientists Reveal If Cats Or Dogs Are Smarter

Cats and dogs are beloved by humans, but which is really smarter? University of Salford researchers say dogs take the cake. The scientists have identified 47 different potential gestures they say dogs might purposefully do to tell humans something. Surprisingly, most of them mean ‘scratch me,’ not, ‘feed me.’ Also, other data has proven that…



Selena Gomez - Back To You