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Things Every Guy Should Do While He’s Still Single

TRAVEL ALONE. Traveling alone is a great way to achieve the peace of mind that most people are seeking on vacation. There’s a lot of pleasure to take out of being entirely on your own schedule for a few days and filling that time however you see fit.  RUN A MARATHON. Training for a marathon is a…


Diet Moderate In Carbs Could Be Key To Longer Life

Go ahead an eat toast if you want toast. A new study suggests following a moderate-carb diet might help you live longer. Researchers followed more than 15,000 people in the U.S. for a median of 25 years and found that low-carb diets (less than 40 percent of calories from carbs) and high-carb diets (more than…


Here’s How To Brag Without Making People Hate You

Hearing someone brag is annoying at best, but a new study finds if you really want to brag without others hating you you better have proof of whatever you’re yapping about. University of Dayton researchers presented participants with either a self-promotional statement (“I am a better person to be friends with than others”) or a…



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