Five Things We’re Buying Memorial Day Weekend

Gas.  Americans spent an average of $48 on gas during last year’s Memorial Day weekend, which is an increase from $41 in 2017. Hotels.  We spent 37% more on hotels for Memorial Day last year than the average day in 2018. Tourist attractions.  We spent 101% more at amusement parks for Memorial Day weekend last…


Remedial Friend-Making

We all want to be liked.  But if you try too hard, it can backfire.  Here are five things that can instantly make people like you less . . . Humblebragging.  That’s where you pretend to be self-deprecating, but you’re really saying something positive about yourself.  People see through it, and it’s a turn-off. Including…


National Tire Safety Week

 It’s National Tire Safety Week.  Which is about as boring as made-up holidays can get.  But it’s a good reminder to make sure you’re being safe out there on the roads.  Here are five things you’re supposed to do this week . . . Check your tire pressure.  It fluctuates with the weather and can…



Congratulations to the following listeners for winning Tussey Mountain prize packs (2 rounds of mini-golf, 4 single go-cart rides, and 2 batting cage tokens): Brian Beckwith of Tyrone Raymond Polak of Sandy Ridge Basia Sedlock of Houtzdale Kelly Stine of Lewistown Jennifer Tice of Snow Shoe Mark Dwyer of State College        …


Four Things That Happen When You Don’t Sleep

Experts recommend between seven and nine hours of sleep a night, but at least a third of us aren’t getting that much.  Here are four things that happen to your brain when you’re running on less than six hours of sleep . . . You get distracted more easily.  Your brain constantly looks for distractions…


The Best ‘Excuse Proof’ Exercises

Two big excuses for not working out are:  “I don’t have time,” and “gyms cost too much.”  But those aren’t great excuses, because you don’t need those things to get in shape. According to an expert with the American Council on Exercise, here are the three most effective exercises that don’t require any equipment .…


Are You Ready for Marriage?

We’re coming up on wedding season.  And if any couples out there are getting cold feet, don’t worry.  It’s normal.  But here are five REAL signs you might not be ready for marriage . . . You’re still keeping big secrets from each other.  Like hanging out with certain friends, or you haven’t talked about…


Four Big Mistakes to Make with Money When You’re Young

 A recent survey found almost a third of millennials aren’t doing as well financially as they THOUGHT they’d be ten years ago.  Because we’re all optimistic when we’re young, and think we’ll be millionaires someday.  Then REAL life sets in. Here are four of the biggest mistakes young people make with money . . .…


Luke Bryan Ticket Winners

Congratulations to the following listeners on winning tickets to see Luke Bryan at Hersheypark Stadium on Thursday June 6th: Lori DIxon of Philipsburg Beth Gallo of Julian Stephanie Clark of Spring Mills  


Jobs Parents DO and DON’T Want For Their Kids

A new survey asked 2,000 parents what careers they want to see their kids go into when they grow up, and the results basically say computers are good, interacting with people is bad.  Here are the top five careers we want for our kids . . .   1.  Engineering, 48% of parents. 2.  Coding,…


May: Things to Look Forward To!

Welcome to a new month, everybody!  Here are five things to look forward to in May . . . The Billboard Music Awards are TONIGHT on NBC. Kelly Clarkson hostsfor the second straight year.  Performers include Taylor Swift, Madonna, and Ariana Grande. Another ROYAL BABY is on the way. Meghan Markle is due any day now. The last three installments of“Game of…


Common Reasons for Back Pain

 A new survey found 4 in 5 adults have had an issue with their back or neck at some point in their life.  And about 1 in 6 of us have had pain for over a decade.  Here are the ten most common things that make our back hurt . . . Lifting something heavy,…



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