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The Eagles’ “Greatest Hits” Has Overtaken Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to Become the Best-Selling Album of All Time

If you’re a big bar trivia person, you probably know that the best-selling album of all time is MICHAEL JACKSON’s “Thriller”.  Well, that’s no longer the case.     Yesterday, the Recording Industry Association of America announced that the EAGLES’ “Greatest Hits 1971-1975” was certified 38-TIMES PLATINUM, and has overtaken the #1 spot.  That’s 38 million in sales.     That Eagles album…


Some Things I Think I Think….

 Good News and Bad News:  The bad news is…the students are back.  The good news is….their idiot parent aren’t driving on our streets anymore. Spikes have a rare double header tonight…and it’s Buck Night.  So you can see two games for a dollar tonight. Less than two weeks away from Penn State football…can you feel…

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Things a Guy Doesn’t Want to Hear from a Woman

Guys can’t get enough of hearing women compliment them. But that doesn’t always happen. Here are The Top Things a Guy Doesn’t Want to Hear from a Woman. Not until we’re married. I just broke up, so I needed someone with no future to rebound with. I’m reading this great book on the benefits of…